Our Mission:

Share. Follow. Serve.

On behalf of the many people who call PCC home, welcome. We are glad you've taken time to visit us.

Take a look around. It is likely you will see faces you recognize- neighbors, friends, co-workers- people from different backgrounds who have found common ground here. Talk to people. They are genuinely happy that you are here and will do their best to help you feel at home.

Here at PCC you will find a family of faith who is committed not to a religious practice, but to a relationship with a person- Jesus Christ. The people here are far from perfect but they are striving to become genuine followers of Jesus. This is not a perfect church. Although we strive to follow a perfect model and it is His vision for who we should be that challenges us to become more like him.

Relax. Make yourself at home. We want you to feel like part of the family. Thanks for checking us out. Come back often; we hope the day will come when you make PCC your home.